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1. Paper information.

■1-1 *Please select one appropriate session from the following list.

• Your session might be changed from your request due to management problem.

You can check organizers and keywords of each session in the following link.

Session Name Session Name
【RoboMech for Application system】 【RoboMech in Field】(*Joint Session of Transportation and Logistics Division)

【Human-Robot Coordination】 【RoboMech in Medical & Welfare Fields】

【Environment for Robomech】 【Human Centered & Biomimetics of RoboMech】(*Joint Session of Sports Engineering and Human Dynamics Division)

【RoboMech Fundamentals】(*Joint Session of SICE SI Division) 【Mobile Robot System】

【RoboMech for Mechanism & Control】 【Perception and Sensing】

【Nano/Micro Robotics & Mechatronics】 【Educations using RoboMech】

【Strategic Session】

■1-2 *Title of your presentation   (A new line is not allowed to be added.)

■1-3 Subtitle of your presentation (if any)   (A new line is not allowed to be added.)

■1-4 *Presentation outline (about 50 words) (A new line not allowed to be added. It will not be published in the proceedings or abstracts.)

■1-5 *Keywords

Please provide three appropriate keywords to represent your paper. Three keywords are required.
Enter two from the pull-down menu (both are the same), and enter one in free word.
Please refer to this list PDF for keyword selection.
It will be used as a reference for the program management and the conference management. It will not be published in the proceedings or abstracts.

■1-6 *Authors and Affiliation

•Following information of a speaker is required; Name, Affiliation, Membership, and Membership ID.
•Use a shortened form for your affiliation. (For example, xx Univ.)
•Please select your membership from the following three categories.

1. JSME Member
2. Associate Society Member 
3. Application of the Membership Package

- JSME is offering a one year free membership special campaign (only for the first time) granted to you if you are registered as a "Non-Member" or "Student Non-member" participant in ROBOMECH2022. This <link> provides you more details. If you wish to apply for this campaign, please select "3. Application of the Membership Package."
- If you don't use the membership package and apply for the membership of JSME in the standard method, please select "1. JSME Member" and then select "Regular (application pending)" or "Student (application pending)" options.
- This <link> provides you more details about the procedures regarding the ROBOMECH2022 paper and participation registration, paper submission and JSME membership application.

For easy registration, you don’t need to report the all coauthors but only your information so far. You need to input the all coauthors when you submit the paper.

  Speaker Family name First name Affiliation Membership category Member’s ID
1 Select affiliation

2. Contact information. (Please make sure that you can be contacted with this information, after April 2022.)

■2-1 *Name of a speaker (Please insert a blank (single-byte) between surname and first name.)

■2-2 *E-mail address  (One-byte roman characters only.)

E-mail check

■2-3 *Affiliation, Department/Section (For example, University of Tsukuba, Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies)

■2-4 *Zip code (One-byte number characters, '-' and '+' only. For example, +123-4567)

■2-5 *Postal address  (For example, 1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan. A new line can be inserted.)

■2-6 *Phone/Fax  (One-byte number characters, '-' and '+' only. For example, +81-3-1234-1234,+81-12-345-6789)

Phone:   (ext: )   Fax:

Important: After filling out all the entry items, please press "Check registration data " just once. Then, you will be redirected to a "confirmation" page. Please press "Send registration data" if all the information is correct. Thank you for your cooperation.


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